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Embedded Cores

Featured Articles and NewsJune 2016

New Altera Stratix on 3U OpenVPX for Rugged Solutions

A new range of TI KeyStone MultiCore DSP with a large Altera Stratix FPGA and FMC I/O expansion on a 3U OpenVPX form-factor are now available from a pioneer in the Multiprocessing concept to build Commercial, Industrial and Rugged Solutions.
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Eliminating Counterfeits with NXP Authentication

Protect the integrity of your brand and reputation: This NXP webinar introduces cryptographic authentication protocols and technologies for secure anti-counterfeit applications.

July 21, Register Now

Top Products

Layerscape LS102xA Embedded Module from TQ

This module is based on the LS102xA processor from Freescale with a dual ARM Cortex-A7 architecture and the NXP QorIQ high speed communication technology. The integrated graphics controllers supports applications with display and touch screen requirements and is ideal for applications with requirements for fast and secure data such as networking, industrial automation and control and IoT Gateways with processing requirements while maintaining low power consumption. Buy Now

Working with USB Type-C or Power Delivery?

Learn how easily you can analyze PD with the Total Phase Power Delivery Analyzer. This compact, bus-powered Analyzer is smaller than a matchbook, and is the most affordable power delivery analyzer on the market. More Information

High Precision Hollow Shaft Servo Motors

The RoboDrive technology provides the highest power density at maximum torque range and overload capability in a compact design. The integrated absolute encoder enables high positioning accuracy and excellent speed stability. The design of the mounting flange allows the combination with the gearheads of the leading precision gear manufacturers. More Information

Industry Artices

Silkscreening - More than Aesthetics

In the world of PCB design there are strong opinions about whether PCB silkscreen is needed. The bean-counters and other corporate financial hawks often hold the view that silkscreen is too costly and serves a purpose which was long ago replaced using modern technologies. Engineers and technicians would argue in favor of using silkscreen due to cost savings, yes savings, but much more important and obvious is the usefulness of the silkscreen. Read More

Basics of High Frequency Board Design

The higher the frequencies, the more Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) occurs within the PCB traces and components. Every device, trace and via acts as a source of EMI. The EMI coupling arises in many forms: capacitive, inductive, galvanic and radiated power. Read More

Machine Learning in Every Application

It is not surprising that many design engineers are using internet connectivity to enable new features in their system designs. If an engineer is designing medical equipment, an industrial machine, a field service tool, or a vending machine, the design can almost always benefit from being connected to the web (with the required security elements, of course). Today's technology makes it easy to find sensors and IoT tools to collect information about an assets health, enablingdesign engineers to significantly enhance their products. Read More

LCD Biasing and Contrast Control Methods

This article discusses a variety of methods in biasing Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) focusing on employing PIC microcontrollers with an LCD controller. Read More

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