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Featured Articles and NewsApril 2016

USB Type-C Solutions from NXP

Welcome to Inside the Lab with Arrow Electronics, the web series dedicated to exploring the latest in technology and electronics. In this episode, we'll discuss NXP's USB Type-C solutions.
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Precision Hollow Shaft Servo Motors

RoboDrive high-performance motors provide the highest power density at maximum torque range and overload capability with a maximized hollow shaft diameter in a compact design.

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Top Products

Layerscape LS102xA Embedded Module from TQ

This module is based on the LS102xA processor from Freescale with a dual ARM Cortex-A7 architecture and the NXP QorIQ high speed communication technology. The integrated graphics controllers supports applications with display and touch screen requirements and is ideal for applications with requirements for fast and secure data such as networking, industrial automation and control and IoT Gateways with processing requirements while maintaining low power consumption. Buy Now

Integrated development environment and optimizing C/C++ compiler for ARM

IAR Embedded Workbench with its optimizing C/C++ compileris an integrated development environment for building and debugging ARM-based embedded applications. It provides extensive support for a wide range of ARM devices, hardware debug systems and RTOSs and generates very compact and efficient code. Ready-made device configuration files, flash loaders and over 1400 example projects are included. Buy Now

Atmel AVR® STK600 Starter Kit

The Atmel AVR® STK600 is a complete starter kit and development system for the AVR and AVR32 flash microcontrollers from ATMEL Corporation. It is designed to give designers a quick start to develop code on the AVR, combined with advanced features for using the starter kit to prototype and test new designs. STK600 is shipped with a ATmega2560 device board. Buy Now

IoT Self-Driving Vehicle Demonstration

New projects are underway to research, develop and enhance secure communication between driverless vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and urban information systems. As automotive systems manufacturers equip themselves with the right technologies to operate vehicles without a driver, selecting the right core technologies is critical to success. Register Here

USB Type-C NXP Host Dock Demo

Industry Artices

Benefits of Strain Gauge Technology in OEM Medical Devices and Equipment

In today's highly competitive medical device marketplace, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their associated design and engineering personnel are opting to include custom strain gauge sensing technologies into finished product designs, as a means of achieving greater business advantage. The capability, accuracy and extended service life of such technology has been field-proven within these applications. Read More

Fundamentals of Oscilloscopes - PTM Preview

In this product training module, it provides an overview of the fundamentals of an oscilloscope. It will also discuss different waveform display and triggering, plus review of analysis tools such as measurement, cursor and parameters. The heart of an oscilloscope is the acquisition system.
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IoT Real-Time Insights

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generating vast amounts of data - a challenge and an opportunity for your enterprise. As things report properties, status and more in real-time, how can you drive awareness, make better decisions, and act immediately with IoT Real-Time Insights.This video allows you to understand better IoT Real-Time Insights to enrich and monitor data from your devices, visualize the current situation, and respond to emerging conditions through automated actions.
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BLDC Motor Control Using Sensor Sinusoidal PWM Modulation

This application note presents BLDC motor control using sensor sinusoidal PWM modulation with Z32F128 microcontroller. It also discusses ways on how to implement sinusoidal PWM modulation and phase-angle synchronization with Hall sensor feedback. Read More

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