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Embedded Cores

Featured Articles and NewsMay 2016

COM Express Faces a Bright Future in Highly Integrated Systems

Given that complete computing modules will always grow more powerful and compact, COM Express is on path to increasing acceptance in future military system designs.
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Leading the Way in Automotive Logic with the NXP Logic Q100 Logic Portfolio

As the global number one supplier, the introduction of its Q100 logic portfolio shows NXP continuing to lead the way in automotive logic. NXP offers the feature rich Low Voltage CMOS (LVC) logic portfolio to enable the migration of electronic solutions from 5.5 V to lower power mixed 5.5 V / 3.3 V and beyond.

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Top Products

Layerscape LS102xA Embedded Module from TQ

This module is based on the LS102xA processor from Freescale with a dual ARM Cortex-A7 architecture and the NXP QorIQ high speed communication technology. The integrated graphics controllers supports applications with display and touch screen requirements and is ideal for applications with requirements for fast and secure data such as networking, industrial automation and control and IoT Gateways with processing requirements while maintaining low power consumption. Buy Now

LAPIS Semiconductor 16-bit MCU

LAPIS Semiconductor, a part of ROHM Semiconductor group and a leader in low-power MCUs, has released a 16-bit microcontroller starter kit. These MCUs lever LAPIS' U16 CPU to blend low-power with the performance necessary for IoT devices, LED lighting, motor control, and industrial equipment. More Information

High Precision Solid shaft servo motors

The RoboDrive technology provides the highest power density at maximum torque range and overload capability in a compact design. The integrated absolute encoder enables high positioning accuracy and excellent speed stability. The design of the mounting flange allows the combination with the gearheads of the leading precision gear manufacturers. More Information

IoT Self-Driving Vehicle Demonstration

New projects are underway to research, develop and enhance secure communication between driverless vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and urban information systems. As automotive systems manufacturers equip themselves with the right technologies to operate vehicles without a driver, selecting the right core technologies is critical to success. Register Here

NXP USB Type C Secure Solution Demo

Industry Artices

Connect a Raspberry Pi IBM Watson to the IoT Platform

The Raspberry Pi has fueled the maker culture by offering more power than many low-end devices. With millions sold worldwide, it has become a symbol of innovation and creativity for the Internet of Things (IoT). Because many engineers begin tinkering with IoT ideas on a Raspberry Pi, IBM has committed to the Pi ecosystem to deliver a powerful prototyping environment for cognitive IoT solutions. Read More

Vishay Dale Display Products

For this Arrow Product Insights, we present a wide array of display products from Vishay Dale. Display products provide the human-to-machine interface; simple display models convey information visually in the form of characters and/or graphics, while more complex models are capable of both displaying information and receiving human input by use of touch panels. Vishay Dale can provide standard, modified, or custom display options. Read More

Five things you should know before you order another capacitor...

Many buyers of passive components tend to think of these devices as very interchangeable or even "generic." Unlike ICs, it's relatively easy to find multiple manufacturers of components with roughly similar specs for most passives. However, there are often significant differences in how these devices will perform in different applications, and how they continue to perform over time. This is especially true of capacitors. Here are five things to keep in mind to avoid problems. Read More

Prepaid Electricity System

Would you like to control your electric bills and usage? Well here's a new project for companies and consumers out there. Almost all of the electric power companies charge by the kilowatt per hour of electricity that is consumed. By the end of the month, we already wonder how did our bill got so high. Read More

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