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Embedded Developer and Lighting Developer are the starting points for electronic engineers in the embedded and Lighting Industries. Our parametric search engines and the content behind them help engineers save weeks searching for and evaluating devices, tools and components in the design cycle.

We provide accurate up-to- date technical data in a conveniently navigable, consistent and searchable format and provide the engineering community with immediate access to global e-commerce sourcing solutions.

This functionality, combined with our ability to locate the right products quickly and link to a shopping cart speeds the sales process for suppliers and distributors. 

Through our Joint Venture with the Hearst Electronics Group, Embedded Developer and Lighting Developer has access to the Hearst Inventory Tool and can provide engineers and customers with the most current inventory and pricing information from hundreds of suppliers and distributors in the world.

We have created custom parametric search engines for Digi-Key, Avnet, Arrow, NXP and other leaders in the electronics industry

Contact us to find out how we can help in your demand creation efforts.