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 Newsletters are are a creative, non-intrusive, effective, and economical method of delivering product content to engineers at their desk. Already deluged with the blogs, offers, and promotions that come across their computer screen daily, our newsletters are designed with a mixture of videos, whitepepapers, product releases, and other quickly-absorbed content. We produce newsletters in two formats: industry-specific, and company-specific. All our newsletters receive above-average open rates, CTRs, and all of them return detailed leads which are delivered to our customers monthly for sales generation or lead nurturing.Our industry-specific newsletters are produced monthly in the following industries:

  • Embedded Developer: 150,000 circulation
  • Lighting Developer: 100,000 circulation
  • Power Developer: 50,000 circulation
  • Low-Power and Wireless: 50,000 circulation
  • Embedded [ARM] Cores: 50,000 circulation


Our customer-specific newsletters are designed by us, and mailed to a list of 50,000 engineers.

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