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Convergence Promotions is the exclusive marketing and distribution partner of TQ Components GmbH in North America. TQ is a leading provider of computer modules (COMs) for embedded applications in dozens of industries. With production facilities worldwide, TQ is a leader in providing technical expertise and products to support  customers who want to design applications using  Freescale, Intel or Texas Instruments’ MCUs.

In addition to working with TQ, Convergence also works with MCU suppliers, and for over two decades we’ve been assisting in the sales and distribution of  development tools for design contests, etc. 

We have the marketing know-how for advertising, marketing, lead generation, nurturing and fulfilment. We also have the facilities for any kind of deployment: we have the regional sales offices, FAEs, and distribution facilities to handle almost any job, large or small.


Call us if you need a distribution partner in North America