About Us

Convergence Promotions is the premier provider of partner programs and ecosystems in the Embedded industry.

For over three decades, Convergence Promotions has designed and managed premier partner programs and silicon and tools ecosystems for a dozen of the world's largest semiconductor companies. We make it easy for engineers and suppliers to find, compare and buy MCUs and Tools, and our demand creation programs increase sales for suppliers and distributors alike.

Partner Programs Convergence Promotions delivers partner programs that serve as a catalyst, bringing like-minded businesses together. These programs create synergy for sponsors and partners by providing an environment that fosters business relations, creates customer awareness to increase sales for both the sponsor and their partners and encourages technical discussion to improve products and services. 

We have designed and produced:

The ARM Connected Community

Motorola and Freescale Partner Programs

Intel Partner Programs

Siemens and Infineon Partner Programs, and more.

Marketing Support

Our programs also manifest themselves into promotions such as magazines, websites, CDs, newsletters and other media. Our knowledge of the Embedded Industry together with our marketing and publishing experience makes us uniquely qualified to put programs together that get results.

Our access to our huge database of over 400,000 engineers in the embedded, wireless, lighting and power industries provides our customers with an edge to help them get their message out to the right engineers at the right time.

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